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Wholesale Price List (US Domestic):

5-9 Kilos           – $80/kg
10-24 Kilos       – $70/kg
25-49 Kilos       – $65/kg
50-99 Kilos       – $60/kg
100-249 Kilos   – $55/kg
250-499 Kilos   – $45/kg
500-999 Kilos   – $40/kg
1-4 tons               – $35/kg
5+ tons                – $30/kg

*Purchases over $1,500 must be paid with Wire Transfer or Cashiers Check. Email order to naturescurekratom@yahoo.com

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Shop Bulk Kratom Capsules

Choose your strains and mix and match down to the nearest 250 capsules (see strain list below). Let us know which strains you would like in the comments section of your order. Custom order sizes are available too – send us an email to place a custom order.

Capsule size is 00, which is approximately 750mg of powder – and 1,333 capsules per kilo.

Prices above are for bulk / wholesale packaging (in vacuum sealed kilos – or 5kg boxes, depending on order size).

We can also provide packaging into 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 capsule packaging. We can package and label with our own brand, or leave packaging blank so you can use your own brand, i.e., White Labeling.

To get a quote for custom packaging and/or amounts please shoot us an email, and we will respond within a few hours.

Strain List:
Super Green Maeng Da
Green Maeng Da
Green Malay
Green Bali
White Maeng Da
White Thai
Red Bali
Red Maeng Da
Red Horn
Red Thai
Red Borneo
Yellow Gold
Trainwreck (Red, White and Yellow mix)

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Additional information

Dimensions12 × 10 × 2 in
Capsule Quantity

5 Kilos ($80/kg), 10 Kilos ($70/kg), 25 Kilos ($60/kg), 50 Kilos ($50/kg), 100 Kilos ($45/kg), 250 Kilos ($42.50/kg), 500 Kilos ($40/kg), 1,000 Kilos (1 ton) ($35/kg), 5,000 Kilos (5 tons) ($30/kg)